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Essential Soft-Skills-Management

Training for Professionals



• 22. + 25. July 2018 Toronto Canada


For more information, contact:


Telephone: + 49 (0) 1578/160 22 81


Exclusive four-day Essential Soft-Skills-Management Training for Professionals:


integral promotion of your personality and your leadership style
enhancement of your ability to manage, delegate and communicate
optimization of your overall expression and self-perception
integration of your communication skills and body language
maximization of your personal / professional success
increase your communicative presence and intercultural perception
maximization of your personal authenticity
and intercultural management skills
promotion of your perception of inspiration and self-awareness
optimization of your communicative interviewing style
development of your personal leadership communicative competences
increase of your intuitive effectiveness and naturalness
maximization of your charisma and presence in the process of coaching
and managing teams


The main goal of inspirational leadership is to transform creative visions into viable concepts and to inspire teams to realize their implementations. Managers who are equipped with the pertinent skills and knowledge have a major impact on team performance and company success. This comprehensive four-day Essential Soft-Skills-Management Training for professionals focuses on essential skills and practical knowledge required to handle various communication and leadership challenges faced by new and experienced managers. As a participant you will gain a wide view of business tools and practices, as well as the pragmatic perspective necessary for your personal development and career advancement. You also will experience a creative assessment of your managerial soft skills, verbal/nonverbal communicative effects and receive inspiring guidance on developing those abilities.


Who Should Attend?


This four-day training is not only for experienced managers. If you feel other individuals in your organization or company would benefit from this Inspirational leadership training, please recommend it to them – they will thank you for it!




Enhance your ability to manage, delegate, communicate, inspire and resolve conflicts to improve employee productivity and performance in your organization.
Optimize your integral personality development and your individual leadership style.
Increase your integrating communication skills and body language.
Develop your personal leadership communicative competences, social and motivational skills.
Maximize your personal authenticity and intercultural management skills.
Demonstrate essential elements and the efficiency of communicative soft-skills.
In this inspirational leadership training you will acquire techniques of immediate relevance and convenient tools which will open the door to a new dimension of your potential growth.




• Leadership and integrated personality development


› personality and perception
› basics of effective self-leadership
› personal leadership qualities and authenticity
› change management as inspiring leadership challenge
› leadership styles, responsibility and creativity
› phasing out the crisis, destructive thoughts and behaviour patterns
› situational leadership in practice


• Verbal and nonverbal communication


› basics of verbal and nonverbal communication
› communication, Information and perception
› conscious communication
› analogical principles/systems of body language in management
› the body, its language and communicative channels
› gestures
› facial expressions
› eye contact
› stance and posture
› walk
› territorial behaviour
› conscious self-perception
› presence, effect and authenticity
› activity, passivity and movement
› signals of the body and their conscious interpretation
› coherence of the verbal and nonverbal communication
› work-life balance and the messages of the body
› feminine and masculine energy in body language
› overall expression, duality and wholeness
› cultural differences


• Inspiring interviewing


› Information, content and the structure of the inspiring interviewing
› inspiration and intuition
› communicative creativity
› active listening and questioning techniques
› image, and external views
› effect, presence and emotional dynamics
› empathy, sympathy and charisma
› body language and rhetoric
› voice and tonality
› speech rate and vocal power
› pronunciation and emotional modality
› effective communication pauses and silence
› self-esteem in the conversation
› fairness and sensitivity
› inspiration versus motivation
› self-confidence and self-assurance
› creative improvisation in the present moment


• Intercultural communication


› social and cultural diversity
› thinking, behaviour and negotiation modes
› handling sensitive cliches
› objectivity, dignity, effectiveness and humour in leadership
› intuitive perception of intercultural phenomena in cross cultural teams




Trainer input, role plays, practical exercises, video analysis / feedback, individual and group work.


Number of participants:


Up to a maximum of six participants.
Limited places – early registration is required.




Each participant will receive at the end of the management training a trainer/coach certificate.




Albert Metzler, born in 1976, is an international trainer, coach, keynote speaker and author. He holds workshops/seminars in the field of integrated personality development as well as intercultural, verbal and nonverbal communication.
His practice-oriented training offer includes a wide range of the inspiring themes for individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and executives as well as for trainers and coaches. Albert Metzler is known to the public as a bestselling author. His numerous publications on the current issues of the integrated personality development and communications already found a wide international audience.


Duration, extend and required fees:


4 days 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
The training participation fee for the four-day training is (excl. travel expenses, visas and hotel costs) incl. 4 x lunch, refreshments, certificate of participation and documentation in Euro:
€ 2,352.94 excluding Tax/VAT
€ 2,800.00 including German Tax/VAT (19%)


Not included are all hotel costs participants pay the hotel directly, including room and board. Missed training days or training parts cannot be made up at a later date. Training fees may be paid in Euro or in any other currency at the daily currency exchange rate.


After we receive your registration, we will send you by post the confirmation of your registration and the invoice. If you cannot attend the training for which you have paid and it is confirmed and you cannot find a substitute to take your place, notify us by email or fax no later than 3 months prior to your training’s start date to postpone to a later available date or for a complete refund. If you cancel with 3 months or less before the start date of that training you will be liable for the entire seminar fee. When booking transportation and accommodation, please keep in mind that dates and locations of our workshops/trainings are subject to change without notice. Albert Metzler Inspirtation is not responsible for costs associated with the cancellation of hotel or travel reservations.


Dates, venue and hotel:


• 22. + 25. July 2018 Toronto Canada

Toronto Seminar

Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto
188 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 0A3, Canada




„Useful and very enjoyable.“
„Professional, practical and integrative.“
„Insightful and in a powerful style.“
„Confronting, inspiring and very creative.“
„High-quality implementable knowledge for the inspiring leadership.“


Register now online:


The complete terms and conditions are available here at Terms and Conditions for the open international workshops & trainings.



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